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Battle of Bennington - American Revolution

The Battle of Bennington was fought during the American Revolution (1775-1783).  Part of the Saratoga Campaign, the Battle of Bennington took place on August 16, 1777. Commanders Armies: Americans Brigadier General John StarkColonel Seth Warner2,000 men British Hessian Lieutenant Colonel Friedrich BaumLieutenant Colonel Heinrich von Breymann1,250 men Battle of Bennington - Background During the summer of 1777, British Major General John Burgoyne advanced down the Hudson River valley from Canada with the goal of splitting the rebellious American colonies in two. After winning victories at Fort Ticonderoga, Hubbardton, and Fort Ann, his advance began to slow due to treacherous terrain and harassment from American forces. Running low on supplies, he ordered Lt. Colonel Friedrich Baum to take 800 men to raid the American supply depot at Bennington, VT. Upon leaving Fort Miller, Baum believed there to be only 400 militia guarding Bennington. Battle of Bennington - Scouting the Enemy While en route, he received intelligence that the garrison had been reinforced by 1,500 New Hampshire militiamen under the command of Brigadier General John Stark. Outnumbered, Baum halted his advance at the Walloomsac River and requested additional troops from Fort Miller. In the meantime, his Hessian troops built a small redoubt on the heights overlooking the river. Seeing that he had Baum outnumbered, Stark began to reconnoiter the Hessian position on August 14 and 15. On the afternoon of the 16th, Stark moved his men into position to attack. Battle of Bennington - Stark Strikes Realizing that Baums men were spread thin, Stark ordered his men to envelop the enemys line, while he assaulted the redoubt from the front. Moving to the attack, Starks men were able to quickly rout Baums Loyalist and Native American troops, leaving only the Hessians in the redoubt. Fighting valiantly, the Hessians were able to hold their position until they ran low on powder. Desperate, they launched a saber charge in an attempt to break out. This was defeated with Baum mortally wounded in the process. Trapped by Starks men, the remaining Hessians surrendered. As Starks men were processing their Hessian captives, Baums reinforcements arrived. Seeing that the Americans were vulnerable, Lt. Colonel Heinrich von Breymann and his fresh troops immediately attacked. Stark quickly reformed his lines to meet the new threat. His situation was bolstered by the timely arrival of Colonel Seth Warners Vermont militia, which aided in repulsing von Breymanns assault. Having blunted the Hessian attack, Stark and Warner counterattacked and drove von Breymanns men from the field. Battle of Bennington - Aftermath Impact During the Battle of Bennington, the British Hessians suffered 207 killed and 700 captured to only 40 killed and 30 wounded for the Americans. The victory at Bennington aided in the subsequent American triumph at Saratoga by depriving Burgoynes army of vital supplies and provided a much-needed​ morale boost for the American troops on the northern frontier.

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Sexual Sexuality And Sexual Practices - 933 Words

Sexual Normalcy Sexuality and sexual practices play a crucial part in how one defines oneself. The moral struggle between sinful or normal has a dramatic effect on how one views themselves, and one is perceived. When we can gain knowledge of how people process their own attitudes towards sexuality we can learn more about how humans tick. RUBIN’S RESEARCH Rubin’s prior research on the normality of certain sexual practices were the basis of this study. Rubin developed a sexual hierarchy where at the top were â€Å"good/normal† practices emphasizing monogamy and heterosexuality. While at the bottom were the â€Å"bad/abnormal† practices involving homosexuality, fetishism etc. Their research also looked at the heavy social influence on human sexuality. Rubin grouped western nations into 4 separate â€Å"sexual regimes†, the two mentioned in this study are The Sexually Conservative Cluster and the Homosexual Permissiveness cluster. PURPOSE AND HYPOTHESES The purpose of this study was to investigate Rubin s sexual hierarchy using a tailored behavior inventory in which participants indicated their perceptions of normality and abnormality about a wide range of sexual behaviors. There were 5 clearly defined hypotheses in this study. Hypothesis 1: Males participants would be more likely to perceive sexual practices as normal. Hypothesis 2: all participants would perceive a greater number of the sexual practices as normal when performed by a male actor versus a female actor Hypothesis 3:Show MoreRelatedGlobalization And Sexuality1247 Words   |  5 Pagescharacters. Sexuality refers to how people relate to sexual activities or perceive sexual matters. Sexuality may differ from one culture to the other, but the cultures are likely to influence each other’s sexual beliefs and orientation. Globalization has had an extensive influence on the changes witnessed in sexuality across the globe. It is through globalization that sexual purposes have gotten new meanings. Some of the topics which come up as a link between globalization and sexuality are sexual traffickingRead MoreSexual education programmes within school based learning have long been cause for controversy,1600 Words   |  7 PagesSexual education programmes within school based learning have long been cause for controversy, particularly in reference to which approach should be taken, what topics should be raised and at what age children should be begin to learn about sexual development and sexuality. Previously, sex education has focused on the biological development of humans however in recent years programs have shifted towards integration of sexuality and sexual health promotion in response to sexual development withinRead MoreSexuality Within The Older Population1475 Words   |  6 Pages Sexuality within the Older Population Jonelle S. Allen LaSalle University Introduction Sexuality is an important core dimension of life that incorporates beliefs, cultures, rituals, attitudes, values, intimacy and pleasure. The expression of sexuality along with the desire for intimacy can be very complex especially for the older adult. Sexual dysfunction among older men and women commonly increases with age along withRead MoreIs Human Sexuality The Result Of Nature Or Nurture?1153 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction To Human Behaviour: †¨18435577†¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨ To what extent is human sexuality the result of nature or nurture?†¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨ The nature and nurture of the human sexuality has been a debate argued among researchers and scientists. With regards to human sexuality, both nature and nurture become an integral factor in making the sexual beings that we eventually get to be. From our hereditary inclinations to how our associates influence our advancement, our childhoods have a tendency to be one long trek intoRead MoreSexuality Is Defined By Sexual Orientation1538 Words   |  7 PagesSexuality is defined by â€Å"sexual orientation or preference† as well as the ability to understand the capacity of sexual desires. Same sex sexuality refers to sexual orientation also, but one’s preference towards someone of their same gender and the â€Å"erotic thoughts, feelings and behaviours† they assign to those of the same sex. Culturally, same sex sexuality is not always based on sexual ideals, acts that could be defined as being homosexual and appealing to those with same sex sexuality, oftenRead MoreSexuality, Sexuality And Sexual Orientation1111 Words   |  5 PagesDate: 5/5/15 Human Sexuality Sexuality is something that seems to dominate a lot of the world we live in. It’s in our schools, at work, and especially in the mass media. The way your body develops and the way you feel and respond to others sexually creates your sexuality (â€Å"Sexuality and Sexual Orientation†, Youthoria). It can shape and affect people’s lives as well as our own. Sexuality can be influenced by culture, religion, media, friends and experiences. Some people are very sexual, while others experienceRead MoreAn Individual’S Sexual Curiosity In And Enticement To Other1095 Words   |  5 Pagesindividual’s sexual curiosity in and enticement to other individuals; having stimulating feelings and experiences, speak to human sexuality. Different from sexuality, biological sex is classified through genetics, anatomy, hormones and physiology; female or male. An individual s intelligence of their own gender refers to gender identity or sociocultural classification, which is also set apart from sexuality; however, it is constructed on biological sex and shapes sexual orientation. Sexuality is practicedRead MoreThe Theory Of Sexual Liberation1644 Words   |  7 Pages in that there is more open attitudes to diverse sexualities and certain sexual acts are no longer seen as taboo/perverse. It is seen that we are now free to choose and explore these sexualities. However monogamous heterosexual relationships are still seen as what is â€Å"normal† in society therefore if British society claims to be sexually liberated why is what is seen as traditional still the most common type of relationship? This theory of sexual liberation is favoured by Giddens (1992) who seesRead MoreSexuality And Its Impact On Our Values And Experience Taught By Alfred C. Kinsey1649 Words   |  7 Pagesregarding our very own sexuality. Based upon our values and experience taught they are some of the determination factors that lead us to decide who we are attracted to in terms of gender. In today’s world there is variability in sexuality that has allowed people to accept it as a moral behavior. Yet they are people of religious faith who see sexuality on a whole another scale that is based on the ideas of heteronormativity and the rejection of what society see same sex practices. For me I internalizedRead MoreThe Cultural Matrix And Gender Identity1506 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"intelligible† genders [as] those which in some sense institute and maintain relations of coherence and continuity among sex, gender, sexual practice, and desire (p. 23).† That is, legitimate persons a re those whose gender matches their sex within heterosexual engagements. However, all persons should be intelligible. It is through the cultural matrix, of the cultural practices and political actions, that such normativity of intelligible identities is maintained. Furthermore, Butler (1999) affirmed this

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Is The American Society For Deaf Children - 897 Words

The organization I chose to do my research paper on is the American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC). This organization gives information to people who must make decisions about their deaf children. The reason I chose this organization is because they favor the use of sign language with all children, regardless of their hearing status. ASDC was founded in 1967 as a parent-helping-parent organization originally called The International Association of Parents of Deaf Children. In 1985, they changed their name to American Society for Deaf Children. ASDC is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide support, encouragement, and information to families raising children who are deaf or hard of hearing (â€Å"American Society for Deaf Children†). Parents of deaf children play a vital role in the success of their children and they are capable of guiding their children’s lives. The organization supplies the information and the support families need to make sure their d ecisions and actions are based on correct knowledge. I think that is very important because some organizations focus on what they think is the correct thing to do for deaf children, but this organization informs you about all the options and up to date information so that you can choose what you think is best for your child. The organization has many values; they believe all children and youth should have the opportunity to succeed in every aspect of their lives through their families and the support of theShow MoreRelatedIs Deafness a Disability or a Way of Living?1593 Words   |  7 PagesTwo centuries ago, the Deaf community arose in American society as a linguistic minority. Members of this community share a particular human condition, hearing impairment. However, the use of American Sign Language, as their main means of communicating, and attendance to a residential school for people with deafness also determine their entry to this micro-culture. Despite the fact that Deaf act ivists argue that their community is essentially an ethnic group, Deaf culture is certainly different fromRead More Teachers Options Essay1716 Words   |  7 PagesTeachers Options There are many options open to teachers of deaf children in a variety of situations. In teaching deaf and hard of hearing children there is such a wide range of children, each with their own abilities. Each child also has a different family situation to take into account. Some children come from deaf families, some they are the only deaf family member, and some have no support from their families because they are deaf. There are also students that have family members that makeRead MoreChildren With Disabilities Act ( Ada )1222 Words   |  5 PagesBefore 1990 the United States did not systematically have tools or laws in place for Deaf individuals. In 1991, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – a civil rights law was implemented across the U.S [with four sections] that prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities including deaf and hearing impaired people. The purpose of the ADA is to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opport unities as everyone else. Each section of the ADA – employment, governmentRead MoreWhere Do I Fit In? Essay1488 Words   |  6 Pages American Sign Language(ASL) has been for many years the main way the deaf communicate and is also extremely important to the deaf culture. To the hearing world, being deaf was always considered a handicap and for that reason they came up with what is called a cochlear implant, causing great debate within the deaf culture. The invention of the cochlear implant has the deaf worried that their culture will be destroyed, while the hearing world find that it will better there lives, not realizing thatRead MoreDeafness Has Been A Negative Label. Being Deaf Is Considered1528 Words   |  7 PagesDeafness has been a negative label. Being Deaf is considered to be a disability solely on the belief that an individual who is Deaf is not â€Å"normal† due to their hearing loss. Most individuals do not believe that there are any benefits or positive s from being Deaf, nor do they believe that a Deaf individual will ever be able to live a happy and fulfilled life. However, Deaf individuals do not view themselves as disabled nor do they view their lives lacking anything, rather they view their DeafnessRead MoreThe Effects Of Deafness On Deaf Children1669 Words   |  7 Pagesloss. The term Deaf is considered to be a disability solely on the fact that an individual who is Deaf is not â€Å"normal† due to their hearing loss. Most individuals do not believe that there are any benefits or positives from being Deaf, nor do they believe that a Deaf individual will ever be able to live a happy and fulfilled life. Deaf individuals do not view themselves as disabled nor do they view their lives as a loss, rather they view their Deafness as a Gain. This is called Deaf Gain, meaningRead MoreDeaf : Deaf And Deaf886 Words   |  4 Pages(2010) defines Deaf Studies as â€Å"interdisciplinary approaches to the exploration of Deaf indi viduals, communities, and cultures as they have evolved within a larger context of power and ideology† (p. 210). In other words, Deaf Studies refer to a specific academic field that studies deaf individuals and their unique communities and culture and may include constructs from anthropology, linguistics, bilingual education, disability, audiology, etc. Within the context of Deaf Studies, deaf individuals areRead MoreThe Strive For Perfection. We Live In A World That The1701 Words   |  7 Pagesdisability that needs to be fixed, due to a hearing society where hearing is the norm. Deafness is at a threat for extinction, due to the push to â€Å"fix† it. Sometime in the near future with genetic testing targeting to remove the deaf gene, could inversely cause the extinction of not only Deafness, but American Sign Language as well as the Deaf community. Therefore, the attempt to be normal threatens Deaf communities. The term normal is created by our society. According to Lennard Davis, â€Å"The idea of normRead MoreThe National Deaf Education Project982 Words   |  4 PagesThe National Deaf Education Project was founded in 1998 by Lawrence Siegel. Lawrence M. Siegel has been an advocate and attorney for special education cases beginning in 1979 (National Deaf Education Project). He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of California at Berkeley (National Deaf Education Project). He has strong beliefs regarding the Deaf community and culture and the Deaf’s rights and liberties as Americans. Specifically, he believes that communication and language isRead More The Deaf in Society Essay1411 Words   |  6 PagesThe Deaf Community Imagine if you could never experience the sound of your favorite song on the radio. Or you could never hear the voice of a family member wishing you happy birthday. Since these situations are typical we may take them for granted. But these every day scenarios will never be part of a deaf persons life. One out of thousand infants will be born deaf every year, (Deaf Understanding). Most people dont realize the giant impact of the deaf in our society. Deaf persons can

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Classical Hollywood Narrative Do the Right Thing Essay Example For Students

Classical Hollywood Narrative Do the Right Thing Essay Many believe that the classical Hollywood narrative ceased to exist during the 1970s, however a number of films have been made in the same structure since then. The Classical Hollywood Narrative structure usually centers on decisions, choices, and qualities of the main character or characters. It begins with an explanation of the character including their personality and their problem. After that, the problem arises until it climaxes in conflict. During this time, the character may experience a change in their values and/or attitude. The Classical Hollywood Narrative normally ends with the main character’s issue having been resolved. The Classic American film, Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing is a perfect example of a film which has a debatable narrative structure. Although Do The Right Thing ventures away from the conventional expectations of Classical Hollywood Narrative structure, it still possesses many of the qualities. Do The Right Thing has a Classical Hollywood Narrative structure, it displays this in a different way, however it remains in the category. Like the majority of Classical Hollywood Narratives, Do The Right Thing begins with the introduction of its characters including the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood where it takes place. DJ Mister Senor Love Daddy is used as the common denominator throughout the film between the different characters and their personal issues. His introduction describing the extreme heatwave gives insight to factors that would affect the characters emotions and reactions throughout the film. The second commonality between Classical Hollywood structure and Do The Right Thing is mise-en-scene. The story takes place in a realistic neighborhood that plays as much a part of the movie as the characters do. The designs, from the setting of the neighborhood to the costumes, are true to life which is most common in classical Hollywood movies. Though most movies in this category have appointments or deadlines, the only appointment present in this film is Mookie getting his check after work. This event is reiterated throughout the movie to express the significance of the check to Mookie’s goal. The final parallel between classical films and Do The Right Thing is that it has two related story lines which are common in Hollywood films. Although characters in Classical Hollywood Narratives tend to focus on one problem with one or more people being involved, Do The Right Thing has several characters with different problems that all intertwine at the climax of the story. Mookie and Buggin Out both have goals they pursue throughout the film even though they fade in and out of importance to the storyline. Mookie is just looking to make money and provide for his girlfriend and family while Buggin Out wants Black heroes on the wall of fame in Sal’s Pizzeria. There is a common feeling of strain between Sal’s family and the community that most of the characters in the film relate to. Do The Right Thing has several elements that differentiate it from the Classical Hollywood Narrative. One of the most obvious differences is that there is no specific or precise goal for the characters to achieve. Classical Hollywood Narratives usually have clear, concise objectives that start a conflict that causes a character clash. Instead, the characters’ goals are indefinite and long term. Although several of the characters have minor goals they would like to accomplish, like Da Mayor predicting that Mother Sister will eventually befriend him or Buggin Out’s plan to get Black heroes like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. on the wall at Sal’s, the goals are not consistent to the plot. Mookie also has a goal of making money by working at Sal’s Pizzeria, but it is never specified what his goal is with the money once he receives it. The audience does not know whether he will use the money to take care of his family or to get a home with his girlfriend and son and to move out of his sister’s apartment. .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a , .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a .postImageUrl , .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a , .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a:hover , .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a:visited , .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a:active { border:0!important; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a:active , .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u002348237c23d16500e8103a5ace074a:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: The Crucible: book / movie - Compare and Contrast EssayThey leave open ended questions and goals that are not clearly accomplished. This is standard for social problem films especially those involving sexual and cultural disagreements; the current conflict has been resolved, however the catalyst of the problem still remains. Two of these characters’ goals dissolve in and out of importance during the course of the film unlike Mookie’s persistent objective. Buggin Out’s goal simmers after several people turned down his offer to boycott Sal’s Pizzeria stating that they ‘grew up on that stuff. ’ Da Mayor has several scenes of bad luck w ith Mother Sister until the burning of Sal’s in the last scene. These goals are not vital to the storyline of a day in a Brooklyn neighborhood. Though several factors could deem Do The Right Thing as anything but a classical American film, it still upholds the structure and meaning of Classical Hollywood Narrative. To begin with, Do The Right Thing has a multi-plot storyline that leads to a causal climax motivated by the previous scenes. Everything that happens at the film’s climax when Radio Raheem is murdered by the police officer and Sal’s Pizzeria is trashed and burned to its foundation is a direct result of events that transpired in the story. The cops kill Radio Raheem because of existing racial tensions in the neighborhood and due to frustrations from being called there earlier when the neighborhood kids soaked a white man’s car with a fire hydrant. For several scenes, Buggin Out urged his neighbors to boycott Sal’s Pizzeria because of their internal racism; however the problem did not come to the surface until after Radio Raheem is killed. Although specifics in the structure of Do The Right Thing differ from the Classical Hollywood Narrative structure, it still follows the most basic guidelines of the genre. The movie begins with the introduction of the neighborhood and main character Mookie like most classical American films. After the initial introduction, several minor conflicts arise that culminate into the climax. After the climax, the problems in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood are placated for the present time. While it is not clear if the conflict is completely resolved, the neighborhood resumes a sense of calm and normalcy. The fact that Do The Right Thing is a social problem film makes the lack of problem resolution normal. In conclusion, Do The Right Thing is a classical American film that depicts the Classical Hollywood Narrative structure with obvious stylistic differences. This film is an American classic that beckons the audience to discuss problems between races, sexes, and classes and to ask questions about methods to resolve these conflicts. Like the most definitive films with Classical Hollywood Narrative structure, Do The Right Thing presents a character, Mookie and the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood that centers on a specific conflict which is racial tension. Though the conflict is not one that can be easily defined due to its broad nature, it still exists throughout the storyline. Although there are a large number of vital characters for a classical film, they are brought together through the narrator, DJ Mr. Senor Love Daddy who connects separate events because the whole community listens to the same radio show. The DJ also connects the heatwave in the beginning of the film to the events that conspired over the short time span to the end of the film with a dedication to Radio Raheem. He links the characters by being the voice of reason throughout the movie. DJ Mr. Senor Love Daddy’s last line, ‘Are we gonna live together? Together are we gonna live? ’ adds to the common theme and question of the film. Like Classical Hollywood Narrative structure, but distinctive to the social-problem genre of film, Do The Right Thing leaves the conflict resolved although incompletely. The catalyst of the conflict, internal racism, still remains and leaves unanswered questions for the audience, the most prevalent being, ‘what is the right thing? ’

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The Lucky One monologue from the play by A. A. Milne Essay Example For Students

The Lucky One monologue from the play by A. A. Milne Essay A monologue from the play by A. A. Milne NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from First Plays. A. A. Milne. London: Chatto Windus, 1921. BOB: If it hadn\t been for you, I should have shot myself long ago. What\s the family creed? I believe in Gerald. I believe in Gerald the Brother. I believe in Gerald the Son. I believe in Gerald the Nephew. I believe in Gerald the Friend, the Lover, Gerald the Holy Marvel. There may be brothers who don\t mind that sort of thing, but not when you\re born jealous as I was. Do you think father or mother cares a damn what happens to me? They\re upset, of course, and they feel the disgrace for themselves, but the beloved Gerald is all right, and that\s all that really matters. You\re surprised! Surprised! You would be. You\ve never stopped to think what other people are thinking; you take it for granted that they all love you, and that\s all you care about. Do you think I liked playing second fiddle to you all my life? Do you think I\ve never had any ambitions of my own? I suppose you thought I was quite happy being one of the crowd of admirers round you, all saying, Oh, look at Gerald, isn\t he wonderful? They thought something of me when I was young. We will write a custom essay on The Lucky One monologue from the play by A. A. Milne specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now When I first went to school they thought something of me. I daresay even you thought something of me then; I could come back in the holidays and tell you what school was like, and what a lot they thought of me. They didn\t think much of me when you came; you soon put a stop to that. I was just young Farringdon\s brother then, and when we came home together, all the talk was of the wonderful things Gerald had done. It was like that at Eton; it was like that at Oxford. It\s always been like that. I managed to get away from you a bit after Oxford, but it went on just the same. How do you do, Mr. Farringdon? Are you any relation to Gerald Farringdon? And you actually thought I liked that; you thought I enjoyed it. You thought I smiled modestly and said, Oh yes, he\s my brother, my young brother; isn\t he wonderful? They got you into the Foreign Officethey could have got me there. They could have put me into the Army. Aren\t I the eldest son?! But no, it didn\t matter about the eldest so nnever mind about him; put him in the City, anywhere as long as he\s out of the way. If we have any influence, we must use it for Geraldthe wonderful Gerald! Then at last I found a friend; somebody who took me for my own sake. And like a damned fool I brought her down here, and she saw you. I might have known what would happen. Yes, you took her. After taking everything you could all your life, you took her. She must be one more in the crowd of admirers round you. So you took her. Ah, but now I\ve got her back. I\ve got her nowand I think I\m square, Gerald.

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Medea Essay

Medea Essay Medea and Jason are the two main characters in the play Medea. They are two different characters who have very few similarities. Medea is a passionate woman who takes relationships seriously. However, Jason is a dispassionate, hedonistic manipulator of women. These characters were once a lovely couple who loved each other. These characters are the ones who create the climax of the whole play. These two remarkable characters are exceptional for their unique traits. Medea used to show Jason her love for him by sacrificing many things for him. For instance, Medea killed many people for the sake of Jason. Jason, however, didnt help Medea at all, because he is a shallow character and a manipulator of women. For example, Medea sacrificed her reputation and life for her heartless husband, and he only gave her misfortunes. In the past, Medea was married to Jason, and he got in trouble many times. Once Jason stole the Golden Fleece from Medeas family. Medeas father chased after them but she killed her brother so the father would bury him and would not chase them. As a result, Medea killed her brother just to be with Jason. This gave her misfortunes because she could not even see her own father and had to kill her own brother. Medea is a revengeful person and a sorceress. She uses her magic to take revenge on other people. Medea made poison from her sorcery, which she uses to poiso n the present of the Princess. Then she kills Creon and the Princess to take revenge from Jason. Jason is an arrogant and hedonist person. He used other people to get power and live happier. As I said before, Jason once stole the Golden Fleece from Medeas family. Medeas father chased after them but she killed her brother so the father would bury him and would not chase them. As a result, Medea killed her brother just to be with Jason. He used Medea there to have the Golden Fleece and live happy and didnt care what happened to her. Jason is a person who is obsessed in increasing his social level and also his power. He manipulated Medea to make kill his brother when he stole the Golden Fleece from her father. Although Jason and Medea have many differences, they have few similarities. Medea and Jason are very honest persons. They express their feelings of hatred to each other without even thinking about hurting each others feelings, this is not the first occasion that I have noticed how hopeless it is to deal with a stubborn temper. (pg. 15-20). Another similarity about these characters is that they both love their own children. Medea doesnt want to kill her children but she has to because people will make them suffer if he left them alive. Medea demonstrates that she loves her children by saying oh children, oh my children, you have a city, you have a home, and you can leave me behind you, and without your mother you may live there forever. But I am going to exile to another land before I have seen you happy and taken pleasure in you, before I have dressed your brides and made your marriage beds. And held up the torch at the ceremony of wedding. (pg. 33-35). She also killed her children t o make Jason suffer. Nevertheless, Jason goes to protect his children because he is afraid when Medea dies, his children will suffer too, so he goes to save them. When he went to rescue his children, he said, you women , standing close in front of this dwelling, is she Medea, she who did this dreadful deed, still in the house or has she run away in flight? For she will have to hide herself beneath the earth, or raise herself on wings into the height of air, if she wished to escape the royal vengeance. Does she imagine that, having killed our rulers, she will herself escape uninjured from this house? But I am thinking not so much of hers as for the children-her the kings friends will make you suffer for what she did. So u have come to save the lives of my boys, in case the royal house should harm them while taking my vengeance for their mothers wicked deed. (pg. 42). Also, these two characters are very determined in their tasks. Medea shows her determination by accomplishing her task s of killing the Princess and King Creon. Furthermore, Jason is also a very determined person. He shows his determination little by little by trying to get more power. He also tries to raise his social status by marrying other Princesses from other countries. Although Medea is a loving mother who is misunderstood by many people., she is also an evil person who achieves her evil plots at any costs, even if she has to kill her own children. However, she was not like this before. Before, she was loving and caring towards a man called Jason, who abandoned her and made her into this murderess. If She had never met Jason, she could have had a better life and she wouldnt be a murderess. You can order a custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation on Medea topics at our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with custom papers written by highly qualified academic writers. High quality and no plagiarism guarantee! Get professional essay writing help at an affordable cost.

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Six blind men & Elephant Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Six blind men & Elephant - Assignment Example It also enables categorization of all the complex information into four simple perspectives: financial, customer, internal and innovation and learning perspective which enables minimization of information overload which is a common thing in modern business. A balanced score card tracks and indicates all the results which have been attained pointing to the high and short scores. This therefore enables the managers put strategies in place rather than exercising control and in the end the success is high and employees and customers are satisfied and happy. With a balanced score card, management of the modern business becomes easier and takes shorter time. The customers, employees and manufacturers are all satisfied by how the balanced score card makes business relations easier than before. Lastly, the financial tracking as well as operations management which have previously proved to be challenging to monitor are simplified and monitored simultaneously ensuring nothing goes wrong (Kaplan and Norton,